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Our long term road map entails the following milestones:

  • Migration from closed source to open source (including compiler support)
  • Changes to client/server orientation (modularization):
    • Plug-in architecture for ILWIS extensions
    • Web enablement of existing ILWIS components
  • Development of new functionality by user community:
    • Invitation of new software developers to create new ILWIS plug-ins
    • Setting and stimulating innovative directions
    • Provision of demo examples
  • OGC compliant functionality in ILWIS as a server application (WPS, WCS) and ILWIS as a client application (WMS, WFS, WPS, WCS)
  • Integration of foreign software functionality in ILWIS engine
  • Building up and maintaining community support: establishment of a moderated discussion list
  • Continuous promotion at fares and conferences and through newsletters and publications
  • Effective exploitation: project acquisition focusing on implementation/training projects

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