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ILWIS 3.8 represents a major upgrade from ILWIS 3.7. The main focus has been on visualization though some other issues have also been addressed. Please download the ILWIS 3.8 Visualization Reference Document.

New applications

  • MapListCondense : condenses a maplist into a smaller maplist. Aggregating maps into one map according to a step size and aggregation rules
  • MapListExpand : reverse of MapListCondense. Expands the maplist and creates intermediate maps based on certain interpolation rules
  • MapListChangeDetection : A number of simple change detection schemes to determine changes in maplists
  • MapAggregateMaplist : Aggregates a maplist in a single map based on some aggregation rules.
  • TableAttributeFromMapList : Creates aggregation numbers for maps in a maplist in a table that can be used as maplist
  • ColumnAttributeFromMapList : Same as previous but for existing tables
  • TableCreateTimeColumn : Creates a time column in a table from a maplist based on a (user-defined) pattern in the name of the maplist

Applications in ILWIS 3.7

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