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Getting Started

Download the sources for ILWIS 3.8. The latest version of the sources can be found at:

With a decent svn client (e.g. SmartSVN, but there are more), you can download everything that is needed to build ILWIS. You will get

  • the latest ILWIS sources,
  • necessary libraries (including import librairies) that ILWIS depends on,
  • the language files,
  • the solution and project files to build ILWIS under Visual 2008.

This is all that is needed to build ILWIS.

Building ILWIS

  1. Load the solution file (ILWIS.sln) into Microsoft Visual 2008.
  2. Build the ILWISStrings project. Due to limitations of the MSV custom builds, this must be built separately.
  3. There are now several build options:
    • Build IlwisClient will also build the IlwisEngine. It provides the user with a functional ILWIS including a very limited number of applications.
    • Building BuildAll project will also build the IlwisAppUI, IlwisApplications, Sebs, SebsUI, ILWISDataExchange,ILWISDataExchangeUI, IlwisClient and IlwisEngine.
    • The Projects pairs IlwisAppUI/IlwisApplications, Sebs/SebsUI, ILWISDataExchange/ILWISDataExchangeUIcan be build seperately and are not required as they are plugins.

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