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Research Projects

The community is currently involved in the following projects.

  • Intamap, a FP6 project that has created a web processing service for the automatic interpolation of sensor observation data.
  • UncertWeb, an FP7 project that will realize the uncertainty-enabled model web.
  • DETECT, an FP7 project to develop a methodology for optimising the design of monitoring systems for timely and effective decision making in an emergency.
  • OWS-7
  • GeoViQua, an FP7 project to extend existing geo-portals by adding data quality indicators and quality-enabled search and visualisation tools.
  • GMES4MINING, an IKT.NRW project to strengthen the support to all processes in prospection, exploration and monitoring for environmental protection and operational safety in mining using new methods and geographic information technologies.

Software Projects

The members or our research projects and the community members create software which exceeds a project's lifespan, resulting in the following software projects:

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Cooperation Partners

The 52°North principal cooperation partners

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