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This emerging community focusses on the modelling and statistical analysis of spatio-temporal data, and on the quantitative expression and visualisation of data accuracy, control of data quality, and error propagation.

We develop software for the modelling and statistical analysis of geospatial and spatio-temporal data. We do this by connecting the 52°North Sensor Web and Geoprocessing communities with analysis and modelling communities, including the community involved in the open source statistical computing environment R, and e.g. atmospheric dispersion modelling communities. One of our immediate goals is to interface the comprehensive statistical functionality of the popular open source R environment to the geospatial user world through open standards, such as those endorsed by the OGC.

A strong partner of the geostatistics community is the spatio-temporal modelling lab at the Institute for Geoinformatics (ifgi) of the University of Muenster. The researchers of this group contribute their public work to the 52°North open source initiative to ensure a wide distribution of their work, and to benefit from the partner network and dissemination activities.

Community Leader: Edzer Pebesma

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