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Use the Software!

It is important for every software project that people use it, ask questions, report bugs and request new features.
If you like what we are doing spread the word about it, e.g. for the 52°North WPS you could click on the following button: (provided you have an Ohloh account)

Discuss and Get Support

Using our products or want to join the discussion about (geo)processing in the future? Subscribe to one of our mailing lists or browse the web forum view to see what keeps the community busy.

Note: Before posting to the mailing lists or forums, please read our guide lines.

Detailed tutorials and guides for installation, usage and development of software projects are in the Wiki: https://wiki.52north.org/bin/view/Geoprocessing/

For direct access to our developers and quick answers drop by our IRC chat on Freenode: /join #52north

Develop Software

All software at 52°North is Open Source, so if you want to get your hands dirty take a look at the software projects list in the Wiki to explore user and developer documentation and then download it from our public source code management:

You can submit bugs and find tasks to work on in our issue management system.

To contact the developers and ask questions about the inner workings of software projects, subscribe to the developers mailing list: http://list.52north.org/mailman/listinfo/geoprocessingservices-dev

Stay Updated

52°North has it's own Twitter Account @FiveTwoN. This is a great way of staying in touch with all activities in the network and organization. Or just follow #geoprocessing and #wps.

Follow the 52°North Blog , which you can also do only on geoprocessing topics - too keep the focus on the important things ;-).

And if you're a fan of visuals, take a look at our Youtube Channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/52NorthInitiative

Get in Touch

If you have specific questions or inquiries please feel free to contact the community leader Benjamin Pross at b.pross @52north.org.

If you are an organization and want to know how you can support 52°North, take a look at the organization's get involved page.