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Given the diverse content of the EUMETCast – GEONETCast data stream, a dedicated toolbox was developed, the so-called Water and Food Security – Ethiopia Toolbox (WFS-E toolbox). It allows easy integration of relevant Ethiopian data for Water and Food Security monitoring and analysis into a GIS for visualization and further analysis via a Graphical User Interface (GUI). In addition, the toolbox pre-processes relevant GEONETCast data for use in the Livelihood, Early Assessment and Protection (LEAP) software. Routines are available to ingest the Meteorological Data Dissemination (MDD) Service data for use at the regional level. They have been developed collaboratively with the National Meteorological Agency, the Ministry of Agriculture and the World Food Program Ethiopia country office.

The user, operating a ground receiving station, can easily manage the incoming data stream and import the data into a common freeware GIS-RS environment for further analysis. The Water and Food Security - Ethiopia Toolbox (WFS-E Toolbox) is a plug-in for ILWIS 3.7.2 but can also be used as an ILWIS 3.8 plug-in, provided that the appropriate EO-Toolbox.dll is loaded.

Key features are:

  • Fully open design and configurable by user
  • GEONETCast data management system for storage and retrieval of data
  • Meteosat 7 and Meteosat 9 image support
  • Import routines for selected Meteorological Product Extraction Facility (MPEF), Satellite Application Facilities (SAF’s) and 3rd party data providers such as TAMSAT, MODIS, SPOT Vegetation, etc.
  • Integration of METOP-ASCAT Surface Soil Moisture and various Fire products
  • Import from LEAP and selected export routines to LEAP
  • Calculation of solar and MSG zenith and azimuth angles
  • Real time Meteosat Second Generation visualization for various predefined visualizations using visible and thermal channels
  • Meteorological Data Dissemination Service: Visualization of TAF and METAR reports, analysis fields of Mean Sea Level pressure, winds at various pressure levels

All Toolbox functions can be coupled with and/or processed by other generic ILWIS RS and GIS functionality.

WFS-E Toolbox
The WFS-E Toolbox plug-in Graphical User Interface

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