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The TS Convert Tool for Efficient Time Series Conversion

It has been noted many times, that a lot of time is spent on time series data preparation. Once a time series is constructed, multiple freeware tools are available for further data processing. Conversion between such packages is again a tedious process and very time consuming. The TSConvert Tool enables users to efficiently transform ILWIS data such that it can make full use of the capabilities offered by various time series data analysis packages.

The tool is based on the data translation library offered by GDAL. It facilitates the renaming of a map list which has been constructed in ILWIS by adding temporal information to the names of the layers within a time series. After this process is completed, the data can be exported to other free time series data analysis tools, such as HANTS, SPIRITS and TIMESAT. The output, i.e. the results of the analysis in these packages, can then be transformed back into an ILWIS format for ingestion into other processing or visualization routines. The URL’s of all tools and a description of the functionality are provided in the Conversion Tool for Time Series Data Processing User Manual.

The figure below shows a screen dump of the ILWIS map list file renaming function and export to SPIRITS functionality.

ILWIS maplist to SPRITS

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