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Users interested in receiving products and services delivered via GEONETCast should register with a GEONETCast network provider covering their geographical location. To register for the service provided by GEONETCast (EUMETCast-Europe, EUMETCast-Africa, EUMETCast-America), complete the online registration form.

Register for GEONETCast Americas. Further information is provided by NOAA.

To register for CMACast reception, please contact the Chinese Meteorological Administration through their WIS Portal or via email to the Administrator: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Further information on CMACast is provided here.


Reception Components for GEONETCast

KU- band Reception over EUROPE and C-band Reception over EUROPE, AFRICA and LATIN AMERICA

The components needed to receive the GEONETCast data provided by EUMETSAT are described here.

Supporting documents:


Reception Components for GEONETCast Americas

Further information is provided in the GEONETCast Americas guide. This document provides an overview of a GEONETCast Americas ground station and an example station equipment list.


Reception Components for CMACast

CMACast Technical Support Email : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

CMACast infrastructure  Point of Contact can also be contacted, attention to Mr. Xie Wei (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) at HuaYun Information Technology Engineering Lt. Co. ( China Meteorological Information Centre (CMIC) of CMA, 46 Zhongguancun South Street, Haidian District Beijing, China).

Some CMACast Station details are presented below:


  • Diameter: 2.4 meter
  • Type: prime focus, solid or mesh wire

Equipment – software details:

  • CMACast receiving station: ThinkCentre M8500t (Lenova)
  • DVB Router: HDT-RSEA 100
  • LNB: Norsat 8115F C-Band (and suitable feedhorn)
    • Input frequency: 3.40 to 4.20 GHz
    • Output frequency:  950 to 1750 MHz
  • USB dongle: to be obtained from CMA, see contact details above
  • CMACast Receiving Monitor Software
  • ISO Disk Recovery: CD ROM with system restore image
  • Manual and CMACast Explanatory notes

CMACast System Reception details:

  • Downlink Parameters CMACast:
    • Technology: DVB-S2
    • Satellite: AsiaSat4 located at 122.2 degree East Longitude
    • Centre Frequency: 3840 MHz
    • BandWidth: 36 MHz
    • Modulation Mode: 8PSK (DVB-S2, encrypted)
    • Code Rate: 5/6
    • Eb/No: typically between 6.8 to 7.2 dB (Signal/Noise ratio, on a scale from 0 to 15 dB)
    • Strength: typically between 94 to 96 % (on a scale from 0 to 100 %)
  • DVB-Router:
    • IP Address (default):
    • Downlink Frequency: 1310 MHz
    • Symbol Rate: 30000 Ksps
    • 22 k Switch: Close
    • LNB DC Power: Horizontal (H)
    • PIDs to be allocated: 100, 101, 102, 103, 104, 105, 106, 107
  • Receiving Computer details:
    • Operating System: LINUX Suse, Release 11
    • Hardware Platform: 32 bit
    • 2 network cards:
      • RTL-8169 Gigabit Ethernet card, IP address: (to DVB-Router)
      • Internal Ethernet Controller card, IP address (to LAN)

(for both cards use a static IP address, note that after system recovery sometimes the ip address of the cards can change, if there is no connection to DVB router then change the network cable to the other card, know problem, source: email communication with CMA)

 DVB-S2 HTD RSEA-100 Router

Detail photo of the DVB-S2 HTD RSEA-100 Router showing Status and actual data rate received

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