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The ISOD Toolbox is an ILWIS 3.7 Open (or higher version) plug-in. It enables easy access to online data archives and supports their subsequent, efficient geospatial processing with ILWIS Open or other GI-Systems. When using this toolbox in conjunction with ILWIS 3.8, please use the appropriate EO Toolbox DLL.

Download the ISOD Toolbox ZIP. If you require an older version, please contact community leader Ben Maathuis.

ISOD XML Configuration File

This configuration file contains the ISOD GUI menu structure. In case the user wants to add new routines, this XML file can be adapted and modified using a text editor. The resulting menu will be adapted accordingly when a new instance of the ISOD Toolbox is started. This allows users with no programming experiences to adapt the toolbox according to their own preferences.

Download the ISOD XML Configuration file.

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