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The GEONETCast Toolbox guide provides the necessary information to perform the installation and configuration. Furthermore, a User Guide is provided, demonstrating the application of the GEONETCast Toolbox plug-in using sample data.

Please take the following golden rules into consideration when using the GEONETCast toolbox as a plug-in under ILWIS:

  • Don’t use spaces in file names, instead use underscores;
  • Do not use numbers as file names;
  • Do not work in multiple output directories;
  • Start ILWIS, navigate to your working directory and close ILWIS. Open ILWIS again to ensure that your current working directory is also the actual ILWIS working directory.

Download the GEONETCast Toolbox user manual. Changes for version 1.7 are included in the Errata Installation GNC toolbox1.7.


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