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GEONETCast – a global network of communication satellite based data dissemination systems – provides free near real-time environmental and Earth observation data (in-situ, airborne and space based) and derived products to a worldwide user community. It is part of the emerging Global Earth Observation System of Systems (GEOSS), lead by the Group on Earth Observation (GEO) and has become an easy and effective way to receive satellite and environmental data.

The toolbox plug-in, together with the existing processing utilities of ILWIS 3.7/3.8, facilitates the user to easily integrate large amounts of environmental data, which is delivered via communication satellites on a global scale, into various applications related to weather, atmosphere, oceans, land, vegetation, water and environment.

Through the GEONETCast toolbox Graphical User Interface over 130 satellite image and product import routines can be accessed.

Key Features are:

  • Fully open design and configurable by user
  • GEONETCast data management system for storage and retrieval of data
  • Support for both images and products derived from Meteosat 8 Rapid Scanning Service and Meteosat 9
  • Import routines for various satellites, Meteorological Product Extraction facility (MPEF), Satellite Application Facilities (SAF’s), Chinese Meteorological Adminstration and 3rd party data providers like TAMSAT, DevCoCast, MODIS, SPOT Vegetation, etc
  • Integration of METOP-AVHRR and JASON-2 data
  • Import of METOP ASCAT soil moisture and ocean vector winds
  • Export routines to BILKO and R
  • Calculation of solar and MSG zenith and azimuth angles
  • Real time Meteosat Second Generation visualization for various predefined windows
  • Incorporation of Web Mapping services

All Toolbox functions can be coupled with and/or processed by other generic ILWIS RS and GIS functionality.

The GEONETCast toolbox plug-in Graphical User Interface

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