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- a citizen science platform for sustainable mobility

Who drives more eco-friendly, you or your colleague?

What is your car’s carbon footprint?

How can your driving be climate neutral?

Which route causes particularly high fuel consumption?

Where can transportation concepts be optimized?


These and other questions can be answered by the enviroCar Project - a joint Citizen Science Project with 52°North and the Institute for Geoinformatics!


What is enviroCar?

It's on-board diagnostics! Explore the effect of your driving on your car's fuel consumption, CO2 production or noise emission. Compare your driving statistics with friends and compete to become the most efficient driver and to reduce your car’s operating costs!

It's a platform consisting of an OBD-II adapter, an Android based app, a server and a website!

It's a community! Share your anonymous data with the enviroCar citizen science community. Collaborate with other citizens, scientists and urban planners to ask and answer questions such as: “What are the effective spatial characteristics of fuel consumption in your city?”,  “How can traffic planning be optimized to reduce emissions effectively?” or “What can we learn from average speed maps?”. The enviroCar community forms an open hub for traffic and car related data, accessible to everyone, free of charge, and anonymous.

enviroCar provides an extremely valuable new resource of environmental information! With your help, enviroCar can change the way citizens influence urban planning!

Join the community and help make our world a little smarter, traffic a little less stressful, and economic driving a little more fun!



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