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Sensor Web technology enables the sharing of data collected by Earth Observation networks and facilitates access to information capturing the state of the environment. Observation data delivered by sensors, human observers, models, etc. is used in many domains such as ocean sciences, hydrology, environmental monitoring (e.g. air quality, noise), traffic management, geology, and emergency management.

In addition to sharing observation data, the generation of information products from raw data is an important added value. Sensor Web technology can complement approaches for interoperable Web-based Geoprocessing with mechanisms for delivering input data and sharing the resulting information products.

This year’s motto “Geospatial Sensor Webs - from data to information in the Sensor Web” emphasizes the importance of Sensor Web technology in conjunction with tools for data analysis, processing, and visualization. The conference will cover the state and future directions of Sensor Web standards and technology, as well as the challenges of processing Sensor Web data.



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