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OGC TC Meeting


14.01. - 18.01.
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This OGC TC Meeting takes place from January 14 - 18, 2012 in Redlands. Geoprocessing Community Leader Benajmin Proß chairs the WPS 2.0 Standardization Working Group and, together with Matthias Müller (TU Dresden), proceeds with the WPS 2.0 specification. Matthes Rieke presents results of the OGC Web Services Testbed Phase 9 (OWS-9):

  • "OWS-9 CCI Conflation with Provenance" @ Workflow Domain Working Group: a talk about dataset conflation carried out by the WPS reflecting the contents of the OWS-9 CCI Conflation with the Provenance Engineering Report.
  • "OWS-9 Geometry Processing for Aviation" @ Aviation Domain Working Group - this presentation is part of the overall Aviation Architecture presentation. It covers the integration of the WPS into the service environment of the OWS-9 Aviation thread.

There will be a public demonstration of the OWS 9 results, including an exhibition and reception. The tentative agenda can be found here.

OGC WPS 2.0 Standardization Working group

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