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The ILWIS community announces a new release: ILWIS 3.8.2! It introduces a few new features related to selections in vector maps and attribute tables, as well as a number of improvements. ITC's Martin Schouwenburg also considers an ILWIS release in February and plans to integrate the Orfeo Toolbox for ILWIS 3.8.3.

New features in ILWIS 3.8.2 include:

  • extended selection options for vector maps and attribute tables
  • ID/Unique ID maps may have their own color scheme when rendering
  • new IsoCluster application


  • improved import shape file multi shapes
  • removal of import errors about coordinate system
  • improved focus of drawer tools status: active/inactive
  • corrected storage of user options for point symbolization
  • improved map view save function
  • largely increased performance for clean up/close large vector maps
  • increased performance for displaying vector maps with attributes
  • removed several 3D grid issues
  • fixed 3D panning

A document about the new Map Window functionality in 3.8.0 is in progress. It will cover all features and will be accompanied by a training data set. A number of the features have been discussed in ILWIS blogs.

For the next steps, Martin Schouwenburg considers releasing in February to include improvements and bug fixes, which did not make it into 3.8.2. He also plans to tackle the integration of the Orfeo Toolbox in 3.8.3, for which a working prototype already exsits.


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