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Große Dhünn-Talsperre

52°North's Drs. Ben Gräler and Simon Jirka recently joined members of the new MuDaK-WRM project (funded by the BMBF) for a tour of the "Große Dhünn-Talsperre" (Large Dhuenn Dam). The dam serves as an initial monitoring reservoir for the project.

The Wupperverband provides valuable background information for the project and offered a guided tour around the reservoir. In course of the MuDak-WRM project, monitoring concepts from in-situ, near remote and satellite imagery will be combined to derive proxies of water resource management parameters that are applicable world wide. The Große Dhünn-Talsperre serves as an initial monitoring reservoir. Two reservoirs  in Brazil will subsequently be monitored to assess the transferability of the derived proxies.

MuDak-WRM stands for "Multidisziplinäre Datenakquisition als Schlüssel für ein global anwendbares Wasserressourcenmanagement"

Dr. Ben Gräler, Große Dhünn-Tallsperre

Dr. Ben Gräler @ Große Dhünn-Talsperre

Pegel Große Dhünn-Talsperre

Water gauge @ Große Dhünn-Talsperre



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