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Add WPS ServerThis new release provides more flexibility with additional software components, supports easy and fast transformation of data formats to and from ArcGIS and is now easier than ever to download and install.

ArcGIS Desktop users can more easily process spatial information with the enlarged amount of tools available in the WPS ArcMap client. The client enables users to select one or more layers in ArcMap and use them as input for WPS processes. The processing results are then visualized in ArcMap.

The WPS ArcMap Client 1.2.0 includes the following new features:

  • Support for ArcGIS for Desktop 10.4
  • Uninstaller added to Windows Control Panel
  • Client works with ArcMap Quick Export Tool
  • Improved download handling

 wpsArcMapClient 1500

The license has been changed to the more business-friendly Apache 2 license.

Download the WPS ArcMap Client 1.2.0.

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