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A new version of the 52°North SOS is available. The 4.3.7 release fixed several bugs, updated the REST API and added support for the OGC SOS 1.0 GetObservation resultModel.

Download Version 4.3.7:

  • including the source files and binaries, or
  • as a bundle, which contains sources and binaries, as well as the Sensor Web Client RESTful API and the Sensor Web JavaScript SOS client. It also provides support for OM_SamplingObservation in JSON binding.

Updates and fixes include:

  •  Update REST-API to current version 1.8.0
  • Fixed AQD eReporting if a samplingGeometry is encoded in the response
  • Fixed random id generation
  • Fixed inserting samplingGeomety via JSON binding
  • Fixed wrong encoded element in WaterML 2.0 output
  • Added support for OGC SOS 1.0.0 GetObservation resultModel

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