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Approximately 13,650 scientists from 109 countries attended the recent EGU General Assembly 2016 in Vienna. During the five day event, they presented their work and discussed their ideas with experts in all fields of geosciences. 52°North experts joined the ranks with topics focusing on Sensor Web standards, interoperability and big data.

Christian Autermann provided insight on how mainstream IT’s big data approaches can be re-used and applied to Sensor Web application scenarios to overcome the challenge of handling large heterogeneous observation data sets in the sensor web. Sensor Web expert Simon Jirka, introduced current work on marine profiles for OGC Sensor Web Enablement Standards, thus verifying SWE’s coming into its own in oceanology. First projects begin to develop SWE-based infrastructures to ease the sharing of marine sensor data. He also illustrated how domain-specific profiles of the OGC SWE standards may help to increase interoperability within specific domains.

Shifting to the focus to sharing environmental models over the web, Simon Jirka presented results from the GLUES (Global Assessment of Land Use Dynamics, Greenhouse Gas Emissions and Ecosystem Services)
project. He elaborated on an approach using GitHub repositories and Web Processing Services.

For the 52°North participants, this year’s EGU General Assembly yielded intense fruitful discussions about applications scenarios and ideas for future developments.  The research field data infrastructures for the interoperable exchange of Earth Observation data in particular emerged as a highly relevant topic (e.g. as addressed by projects such as ODIP II and ConnectinGEO) for Sensor Web and Web Processing technologies.

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