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The Kickoff Event for six threads of the Testbed 12 Interoperability Initiative recently took place at the USGS Headquarters in Reston, VA. 52°North participated as one of the technology providers.

The threads are sets of spatial interoperability requirements that will be addressed in the testbed to support the following:
•    Command Center (CMD)
•    Compliance (CMP)
•    Consolidation (CNS)
•    Field Operations (FO)
•    Large-Scale Analytics (LSA)
•    Linked Data and Advanced Semantics for Data Discovery and Dynamic Integration (LDS)

52°North has the task of providing the following Engineering Reports:

  • Big Data Database ER,
  • REST Architecture ER,
  • Asynchronous Services Response ER,
  • LiDAR Streaming ER,
  • Low Bandwidth & Generalization ER,
  • WPS Conflation Service Profile ER.

These are documents presenting technology issues that are being considered in the OGC Working Groups. In addition, 52°North is responsible for developing the following components:

  • LiDAR Streaming Client,
  • SOS Compression (LiDAR) Server,
  • WPS Generalization Implementation,
  • WPS REST (conflation) Server,
  • WPS SOAP (asynchronous) Server.

The kickoff meeting for the Aviation thread was held in January.

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