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The Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC®) announced the recent successful completion of the OGC Incident Management Information Sharing Internet of Things Pilot Project (IMIS IoT Pilot). The project was launched to demonstrate open system sensor integration for emergency and disaster response. 52°North was one of the technology providers for this project.

The IMIS IoT Pilot prototyped and demonstrated standards-based approaches to address a series of challenges that hinder effective use of large numbers of diverse sensors for use in emergency response and disaster response situations. Prototype capabilities include ad hoc, nearly automatic deployment, discovery, and access to sensor information feeds, as well as derivation of actionable information in common formats for use in Computer Aided Dispatch, Emergency Operations Center, and GIS, as well as mobile devices.

52°North is the editor of an IMIS Profile Recommendations for OGC Web Services Engineering Report. In addition, 52°North developed

  • a mobile application: The 52°North JavaScript SOS Client was extended to include an interface to the Sensor Things API and show the sensor's position and status.
  • a web processing service (WPS) for sensor data analysis and model data processing. The 52°North WPS  was extended to include an eventing profile and a process for sensor data processing.
  • a web map service (WMS) serving basemap and IoT Feature layers and a web feature service (WFS). This components is based on GeoServer.


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