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52N expertise was in demand at the most recent OGC Technical committee Meeting. Presentations of 52N software implementations and research topics in the Domain and Standards Working Groups helped to further the standardization process.

The 52°North Thin SOS Client was presented during the Surface Water Interoperability Experiment (Surface Water IE) demonstrations. Within this IE, several international organizations (including the 52N partners DLZ-IT and Kisters) cooperate to investigate the use of SWE standards and WaterML 2.0 for exchanging surface water data.

Simon Jirka, 52N’s Sensor Web Community Lead, presented the results of his work on Sensor Discovery mechanisms in the SWE Domain Working Group. In addition to an updated version of the Sensor Observable Registry Discussion Paper, a new Discussion Paper describing the Sensor Instance Registry was presented.

52°North’s Geoprocessing Community Lead, Bastian Schäffer, led the WPS 2.0 Standards Working Group. The Working Group was able to establish a close connection with the output of the GENESIS project. It anticipates that the WPS 2.0 implementation specification will be published this winter (2010/2011). Bastian Schäffer also presented work done on the 52°North Hybrid Cloud Computing Model. He was elected co-chair of the Workflow Working Group.

In spite of the relatively small number of attendees, quite a large percentage came from the meteorology field, which was particularly interesting for our 52N participants. Newer topics of interest, in particular for our geostatistics community, included uncertainty and error propagation.

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